Made in Italy

The selection of quality raw materials, accompanied by serious and consistent control systems, has made Walcor bigger and bigger.


Walcor has always brought attention to the selection of raw materials and to internal control systems, in order to ensure high quality products. Walcor boasts of a lot of certifications which distinguish its work. The obtained certificates are about different themes, like sustainable production of cocoa, food safety, internal control systems to improve the efficiency in production, safety at work and the guarantee of a hygienically safe and technologically advanced production system from third bodies of the United Kingdom, Germany and France. From the 3rd of October 2014, the company’s been given the rating of legality which currently involves 174 companies from all over Italy – a recognition issued directly from the Italian Competition Authority, a tool to promote legality and ethical-social principles in corporate settings.


IFS (International Food Standard): High Level

Third-party certification about technical standars granted by french and german large retail chains to ensure a hygenically safe and technologically advanced production system.


BRC (British Retail Consortium) GLOBAL STANDARD FOOD: Grade A

Third-party certification about technical standars granted by english large retail chains to ensure a hygenically safe and technologically advanced production system.


SEDEX (Ethical Trading Initiative)

Walcor is a member of this institution.


BS OHSAS 18001:2007

BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard guides the organization to improve of health and safety conditions at workplaces, eliminating or minimizing risks arising from the activity for the employees and other parts which could be exposed.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points):

A pre-screening system of critical control points which allows alimentary verification in each step of production. HACCP allows total control and prevention from contaminants, chemical substances, foreign bodies, pathogenic micro-organisms and poor storage condition of raw materials.



Statistical Process Control/Statistical Quality Control are two procedures which enable the registration of production conditions and product spercifications during all the producing process. If it exceeds predetermined limits, the process will accordingly be amended. Such data and controls on the finished product lower customer’s need for verification at the delivery.



TZ Certified is a programme aimed at promoting sustainable production of cocoa. UTZ ensure that in the cocoa’s plantations, in which it’s grown, chemical substances are appropriately used, workers and their families live with dignity having their right to healthcare, school and instruction and all their rights are protected.

Walcor is leading company in the production of chocolate, from coins to easter eggs, from small eggs to hollow figures. Its high capacity production and logistical administration allow Walcor to be partner both in the organised large-scale distribuition system and in the traditional channel all year, especially during the most important recurrences in Italy and throughout the world. Since 1954, it has been giving voice to quality chocolate’s tradition with ideas and products made for the gluttons all around the world. Walcor’s products are both traditional and customized with youngsters’ favorite characters on TV and on the big screen through the best partnerships on the market.

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