TARGET: girls

6-9 years old

LOL Dolls are one of the most creative, interactive and fun toy you have seen in a long time. Since the date of launch, millions of girls around the world, still play with them daily.  MGA is the creator of the LOL Surprise dolls and they have thought of everything that children want in a toy these days. Each ball is wrapped in 3 layers and between each layer is a clue as to what doll is inside. Once you get to the middle if the ball there are 4-5 blind bags that include the doll, shoes, an outfit, accessories and a bottle.

Walcor has L.O.L property since summer 2018, and offer a various range of products from Xmas Balls, advent calendars, bags with jelly and marshmallow, candies….

  • 1st in the toys market
  • over 8 million views on YOUTUBE!