KEITH KIMBERLIN® is a world-renowned photographer whose images capture the unique personalities of his models, kittens and puppies. His unmistakable style reflects the deep rapport he has with the animals he photographs, evoking an emotional connection with them and making them feel comfortable being photographed.

KEITHs passion to photograph kittens and puppies began when he was a boy living in New Jersey and received his first Instamatic Camera.     From that point on, he continued to develop this skill in both high school and college.  Once KEITH earned a Masters Degree in both Photography and Graphic Arts, he went to work in the printing industry, where he spent 25 years becoming an expert in the area of  Pre-Press.  While spending hours photographing kittens and puppies, coupled with always having them as pets, he grew such a love for these animals that he embarked onto another profession and is currently an Internationally Recognized Cat Breeder, earning over 500 Awards, such as “Best of Breed”.

The KEITH KIMBERLIN® Total Brand represents the most diversified and comprehensive portfolio of kitten and puppy photography in the world today.