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Sid Maurer is a man of great and many stories now compiling the soon to be published book of his life and times globally in the music industry. His long career in the world of Art and Music began at seventeen when he was hired as assistant art director at Columbia Records in New York City, where he spent weekends playing trumpet in Jazz clubs. As the music business exploded, Maurer worked designing album covers and promotional material for popular artists most of whom live beyond their years, today in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, paintings and photographs produced by him and his co-worker of the period then the young Andy Warhol. They photographed the celebrities themselves, backstage, themselves, and hired other photographers whose work they respected like Frank Polony and styling at the studio for George Hurell another close friend of Sid Maurers. Many celebrities sent them favorite photos, to work from who loved both Warhol and Maurer’s the Pop Art style.

It was during this period 1960’s that Maurer’s work as a painter first gained major recognition, appearing in galleries and auctions in London.

Exhibitions launched in London, New York, Los Angeles, Asia, Paris and Spain. In the early nineties, Maurer realized that the empire of music and art, that he had helped to build befriending the greatest musicians and band leaders of the globe, in his many days in London, with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Janice Joplin, Mama Kass , George Harrison, Marilyn Monroe, the Rat Pack in Vegas, to name a few, to his backstage adventures with Michael Jackson, Charity Events with Justin Bieber.